WATCH: Anti-vax farmer sheepishly admits giving rabies vaccine to his dog during awkward CNN interview
Missouri farmer speaks to CNN.

In an interview that aired on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" on Monday, reporter Elle Reeve spoke to a COVID vaccine-refusing farmer in Scotland County, Missouri — and after a little prodding, he admitted that he does give vaccines to his animals.

"Are you vaccinated?" said Reeve.

"I am not," said the farmer.

"You're not?" said Reeve. "How come?"

"We live very secluded where we're at," said the farmer. "I don't feel like the risk either to me or to someone else is high enough to justify taking it."

"I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but you can yell at me if you think it is," said Reeve. "But like, don't you vaccinate your animals?"

"To some extent," said the farmer. "Herd immunity does happen. And maybe, the vaccine would speed that up. Other times, it isn't that big a deal."

"Like, what about a farm dog?" Reeve pressed him.

"We do take our dogs in for rabies and things like that," said the farmer. "We don't want them to be sickly. So, yes, we do."

"Well, just explain it to me like I'm an idiot," said Reeve. "Why — why do you see those things as different?"

"Really, I'm not going to say that I'm not getting the vaccine because I don't believe it wouldn't do the job, that it wouldn't work," said the farmer. "I just — I don't know what all the risks are out there for the vaccine. I mean, they're well-documented. We don't have to go over all the risks."

Watch below:

Unvaccinated Missouri farmer admits he vaccinates his animals