'We're coming to your door!' Anti-vaxxers vow to harass Los Angeles City Council members at their homes
Anti-vaccine protest (Photo: Screen capture)

Anti-vaccination activists in California have started harassing Los Angeles City Council members at their homes by banging on their doors and yelling at their neighbors.

The Los Angeles Times reports that anti-vaxxers visited the house of LA City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O'Farrell and caused disturbances in their neighborhoods.

The LA Times notes that the harassment of the council members occurred after an anti-vax rally in which an unidentified man held up a sign showing the home addresses of each city counselor who voted in favor of a vaccine mandate. He then encouraged his supporters to go directly to these councilors' houses.

"Whoever votes yes, we're coming to your door," the man said, according to a video review by the LA Times. "We're coming to your home. You want to intimidate us? We're coming to you now."

The LA Times asked the Los Angeles Police Department if it is investigating these incidents but so far has heard no comment from the department.