Chiropractor says mask mandates are 'from the pit of hell' -- and will sign anyone's school mask exemption

As President Joe Biden and health professionals urge Americans to get vaccinated and wear masks, one chiropractor in Pennsylvania is signing exemption forms for anyone seeking to evade public health measures.

Chiropractor John Dorobish of Cherry Tree Chiropractic in Uniontown was interviewed by WTAE-TV about the state's new mask mandates for schools.

Dorobish had been signing exemptions for vaccine mandates and is now expanding to sign exemptions for masks.

"This mask mandate is just absolutely absurd. It's insane. And, as far as I'm concerned, it's straight from the pit of hell," Dorobish said.

"The paper says health care practitioner. I am a health care practitioner. I have a health care practitioner's license," Dorobish said. "I put my license number on there. I filled out the form the way that the school district required it to be filled out."

The network compared Dorobish's approach with that of Dr. Todd Wolynn, who is a pediatrician.

"We will never ever sign off or be part of an action that puts your child in harm's way, even when you ask us to," Wolynn said.


Chiropractor John Dorobish