Sheriff's deputy who was fond of posting anti-vaccine videos dies of COVID-19

A Colorado sheriff's deputy who was fond of sharing anti-vaccine content on Facebook has died of COVID-19, Newsweek reports.

Daniel "Duke" Trujillo, 33, served as a deputy sheriff for 7 years and had recently been appointed vice-president of the Denver Sheriff Latino Organization. He died this Wednesday from the virus, according to an announcement from Denver Sheriff Department.

Images and video shared to Twitter show posts from Trujillo that rejected the COVID-19 vaccine. A Facebook profile photo he posted in early May said, "I have an immune system," suggesting that he could fight off the virus naturally. In late April, he posted a profile picture that read, "I don't care if you've had your vaccine."

"You f***sticks are really out on social media going 'Of course I went and got my vaccine! I did my research, I know what's in it, you peasants,'" a man says in a TikTok video shared by Trujillo. "Oh buddy, you are the research."

"Being a marine has taught me one thing: never be the first to volunteer," the man in the video, who is a popular right-wing "survivalist expert" continued. "Y'all rushin' out there standin' in line to get the vaccine like folks rush out to get the new iPhone."

"And if history has told us any new product that ever comes on the market is always full of problems. And you know how they fix those problems?"

The Downtown Detention Center Trujillo worked for had recorded 11 active COVID-19 cases as of Thursday, according to data by the Denver Sheriff's Department.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Trujillo is the man in the TikTok video. The video actually features right-wing "survivalist expert" Brady Pesola.