Vaccine resisters 'are growing testy over being excluded and feeling judged': WSJ
The conspiracy originally took root in the United States but has spread to Europe Joseph Prezioso AFP

A new report from the Wall Street Journal examines the strains that vaccine refusers are causing in American society -- with many unvaccinated people telling WSJ that they don't like feeling "judged."

In the report, Minnesota resident Hannah Lindeborg tells the Journal that she had to cancel her daughter's second birthday party because some family members refused to get vaccinated and she didn't want to have her five-year-old asthmatic son exposed to them.

"We felt it would cause a lot of hard feelings if we told the unvaccinated family members you're not welcome at all," she said.

Wisconsin resident Jeni Mitchell, meanwhile, tells WSJ that she disinvited several unvaccinated friends to her wedding because she is due to have knee replacement surgery in the fall and didn't want to risk having it delayed by getting sick.

On the other side of the coin, the WSJ writes that "the unvaccinated are growing testy over being excluded and feeling judged for exercising their right to make their own health choices."

One woman who refused to reveal her identity insisted that she was "not a bad person" for refusing a free vaccination for a disease that has so far killed more than 600,000 Americans.

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