Maryland anti-vaxxer murdered his pharmacist brother because he believed vaccines were poison: prosecutors
WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority

Newly unsealed court documents allege that a Maryland man murdered his own pharmacist brother because he believed the COVID-19 vaccines he was distributing were killing people.

The Baltimore Sun reports that 46-year-old Jeffrey Burnham told his mother that he planned on confronting his 58-year-old brother Brian Robinette because he was supposedly killing his own clients by getting them vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

In addition to allegedly killing Robinette, he is also alleged to have killed 57-year-old sister-in-law Sue Robinette and and 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds, a resident of Cumberland, Maryland whose car he stole and drove to his brother's house.

"According to the charging documents filed Wednesday against Burnham related to the Howard County murders, Burnham told another unnamed person that his brother was 'killing people with the COVID shot,'" reports the Baltimore Sun. "Burnham's mother Evelyn Burnham previously expressed concerns about her younger son's mental health. In charging documents filed against Burnham in Reynolds' death in Allegany County, Evelyn Burnham called Cumberland police twice last week because of her son's 'mental stability' after he made statements about the FBI 'being after' them both."

Burnham fled to West Virginia, but was eventually apprehended by police after he flagged down a local firefighter and told him that he "had been forced to kill three people."