'Segregation is back!' Christian broadcaster drops hysterical rant about vaccine refusers being 'treated like lepers'

Christian conservative broadcaster David Brody on Wednesday declared that segregation had returned to the United States -- but this time its victims were right-wing Christians who are refusing to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Brody began his rant by saying that vaccine passports were yet another step toward "government bondage" of the kind that America's founders rebelled against.

"The unvaccinated in this country will now be considered as second-class citizens, in the workplace and in society wherever they go," he continued. "What are you going to do about it?!"

He said that he wanted to build a mass movement to prevent unvaccinated Americans from being treated like "the lepers of society," even though people with leprosy were treated the way they were because they were carrying a contagious disease.

In a tweet promoting his rant, Brody also asserted that "Segregation is back: the Unvaccinated are being treated like lepers in today's America."

Watch the video below.