Family 'devastated' after n​ight club owner who railed against vaccines dies of COVID-19

A British nightclub owner who had a history of sharing an anti-vaccine message social media and who mocked people for getting an "experimental vaccine" has died from COVID-19, The Daily Mail reports.

David Parker, 56, passed away at Darlington Memorial Hospital in County Durham on Monday. According to the Daily Mail, he had no underlying medical conditions. His COVID diagnosis came just weeks after he posted numerous messages slamming vaccines.

Parker reportedly authored hundreds of social media posts that were critical of the vaccine, according to The Sun.

"When research is done into who finances the media it leads to the pharmaceutical companies. Who knows who is right or wrong. If I'm wrong I'll hold my hand up but I will not stay silent," he wrote in one post.

Now, his family is urging everyone to get vaccinated.

"His family are devastated, they were very close and loved each other dearly," a family friend told The Sun. "But despite their terrible loss they would like it to be known that they're encouraging everyone to please get vaccinated because they don't want others to suffer as they are now."

One meme Parker posted to social media featured someone wearing a tinfoil had and read, "When you realise your tin foil hat has less aluminum than a vaccine." He also shared a link to a Facebook group called "The Unvaccinated Arms," which tells its members not to use the words "COVID" or "vaccine" in order to circumvent content restrictions on social media platforms.

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