Virologist appalled after anti-vaxxers 'hijack' his work and use it for propaganda
Anti-vaccination protest (Joseph Prezioso/AFP)

David LV Bauer, the head of the RNA virus replication laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute in London, recently found himself appalled after seeing his work being "hijacked" by anti-vaxxers as part of a propaganda campaign against the COVID-19 vaccines.

Writing in The Guardian, Bauer explains how anti-vaxxers deceptively edited an interview he gave in order to make him seem like a vaccine skeptic.

"The original interview was about our research on the Pfizer vaccine, which found that the antibody levels it generates are not as good at neutralising the Delta variant than against the original Wuhan strain -- a simple update on likely vaccine protection," he writes. "But the widely shared versions of the video were often edited, or taken out of context, to make me out to be some sort of supervillain, or the unlikely hero of the anti-vax world."

Bauer makes clear that he believes the vaccines against the novel coronavirus are both safe and effective, and that any video that makes it appear as though he's saying otherwise is being dishonest.

"If you were somehow swayed by the claims that I appeared to make in those videos, please take the advice I actually believe: the vaccine will protect you from Covid," he concludes. "Get vaccinated."