CNN's John Avlon: Anti-vaxxers are 'holding America's recovery hostage' — and 'we're all going to pay' for it
CNN host John Avlon. (Screenshot)

On CNN Tuesday, reporter John Avlon tore into the communities of Americans still refusing to be vaccinated — and reminded them that their bad choices are putting other people at risk.

"It is said freedom is not free. That it is a balance between the individual and community," said Avlon. "As we are dealing with the delta variant cases spike and fill hospitals, the unvaccinated are holding the American recovery hostage. Not just putting their lives at risk — if that was the issue, we can watch them to win, place or show in the Darwin Awards. The problem is we're all going to pay for their politicization of science and public health."

Avlon then debunked a key talking point of what he called the "Freedom to Infect You crowd,"

"Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional according to some," said Avlon. "That's just not true. This has been settled law for more than 115 years when the Supreme Court ruled that states can impose reasonable requirements for immunization during a deadly smallpox outbreak. Now in many states there are exemptions, even philosophical exemptions, but it is not clear that owning the libs qualifies for the exceptions. And let's be honest. That's what we are really dealing with here. A poisonous form of polarization. It violates the principle that my right to swing my fist ends at your nose."

"You know what also is libertarian? Making other people pay for your mistakes," added Avlon. "Get this. The average cost of hospital care is as high as $78,000 for patients between ages 41 and 60. Remember, the unvaccinated make up 97 percent of hospitalizations. You and I will pay for that if those patients are uninsured, they get treatment."

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John Avlon says anti-vaxxers are holding America "hostage"