arrested man handcffed

Anti-vaccine people have gotten so bad in Europe that the city of Dresden, Germany thwarted a plot to murder a government official due to vaccine mandates.

The Daily Beast cited ZDF Frontal reported Wednesday that a right-wing anti-vaccine group was discovered with a cache of weapons from crossbows, guns and spikes that could be used to kill. The plot was reportedly organized on the messaging service Telegram and targeted Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, who initiated a lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The terrorist group has approximately 130 members, the report explained and promote anti-vaccine propaganda while rejecting all measures to stop the spread or get the country vaccinated.

Germany is considered the "epicenter" of the European wave with health authorities expecting 6,000 people in intensive care by Christmas even with lockdowns. Saxony, in particular, has the lowest vaccination rate in the country and it has become the epicenter of a Delta variant outbreak.

Due to the anti-vaccine propaganda, Germany is the lowest vaccinated country in Europe. They are growing more hostile, the report explained, and they're prepared to use "armed force if necessary."

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