‘Astonishing’: Appeals court quickly shoots down attempt to block Trump lawyer from testifying
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Michigan. (Shutterstock.com)

A federal appeals court on Wednesday has denied a request from Donald Trump’s legal team that sought to block one of his lawyer’s from testifying against the former president in the classified documents case, according to multiple published reports.

“This means Trump's lawyer in the classified docs case is now expected to share notes, audio, etc., includ.(sic) material related to his client, Trump,” CBS News’ Robert Costa tweeted.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins confirms Costa’s reporting.

“A federal appeals court is refusing to block Trump's defense lawyer Evan Corcoran from testifying or turning over documents about the former president as part of the criminal investigation into possible mishandling of classified documents,” Collins tweeted.

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The ruling is described as a potential game-changer by CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig.

“A major ruling, made with astonishing speed,” Honig tweeted.

The next step for Trump’s legal team is the U.S. Supreme Court, according to Costa.

“Trump team could now try to take the matter to the Supreme Court, but it's hard to see how that stops Corcoran from complying with the appeals court order in the meantime,” Costa tweeted.

“Significant to have Trump's lawyer forced to provide notes, materials, and likely testify, potentially soon.”