‘Shameless’ GOP Senate hopeful accused of using taxpayer dollars to seek Trump’s endorsement
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. (YouTube/Screenshot)

The Republican attorney general of Arizona was accused of using taxpayer resources in his quest to receive a U.S. Senate endorsement from Donald Trump.

"Pathetic comes close to describing the behavior of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich these days. Stomach-churning may be more to the point, but not entirely adequate. Shameless works. Unethical is in the mix," E.J. Montini wrote in the Arizona Republic. "But in the end I'd go with timorous. It's kind of a succinctly appropriate mash-up of fearful and solicitous. That's Brnovich."

Montini has noticed a change in Brnovich since the GOP politician began his Senate campaign.

"He is now, in his effort to become the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, both fearful of Donald Trump's wrath and solicitous of Donald Trump's approval. So much so, that he seems to have given himself up entirely to wooing the former president, and using the powers of his job to do so. This means, essentially, that instead of paying Brnovich to be the state's attorney general you are paying him to run for the Senate," he explained.

He noted that shortly after the 2020 election, Brnovich defended the integrity of the state's election.

But Brnovich is now conducting an "investigation" of the election that former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes blasted as "merely a political stunt intended to benefit Brnovich's 2022 Senate race by inflaming the delusions of conspiracy theorists."

Other candidates seeking the GOP nomination include Arizona Corporation Commissioner Justin Olson, former Arizona National Guard Adjutant General Michael McGuire, businessman man Jim Lamon, and Thiel Foundation President Blake Masters.

Montini wrote it "is the equivalent of sending Trump a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, a gold watch, diamond cufflinks and a case of Dom Perignon. With your money."