'It's hurting the party': Arizona GOP chairwoman faces calls to resign after audit blows up in Trump's face
Kelli Ward.

On CNN Monday, Maricopa County supervisor Bill Gates, a conservative Republican and an outspoken critic of election conspiracy theories within his own party, reiterated a call for Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward to step down, following her calls for even more partisan ballot reviews after the failure of the "Cyber Ninjas" audit.

"There are ... calls in your state for the head of the Republican Party to resign," said anchor Erica Hill. "So the chair, she said — Kelli Ward said over the weekend, there should be a full canvass of not only Maricopa County but the entire state. She listed a number of other states. Do you think she should resign, and what do you think the chances are?"

"Yes," said Gates. "Actually, I publicly called for her resignation on Friday along with my colleague supervisor Clint Hickman. It's time for her to step aside. Her obsession with this big lie, obsession with this audit, it's hurting the party, hurting our chances in 2022. We've got big elections here in Arizona, statewide elections. U.S. Senate, governor. We cannot be dragged down with these conspiracy theories. How likely do I think it is? Well, probably not too likely. But it's time for these Republican elected officials like myself to stand up and say enough is enough."

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