Arizona Republicans sue to keep polls open
Volunteers with Vote from Abroad help US citizens register to vote for the 2022 midterm elections. © Mariamne Everett, France 24

The Republican Party is desperately trying to keep polls open later in Arizona in a heavily Democratic Maricopa County.

According to MSNBC and Axios, there were early conspiracy theories that people couldn't vote because two tabulators were broken. It caused a lot of online rage from people swearing that there was a plot to eliminate Republican votes by making people throw their ballots in nebulous "Box 3."

Maricopa County came out with a video explaining that the conspiracy wasn't accurate and that ballots would be counted along with every other ballot.

Still, Republicans are now demanding more time.

It's a rare case of Republicans seeking more in a Democratic County. After the 2020 election, where President Joe Biden won a traditionally red state, Republicans in the legislature attempted to make dramatic changes to the election requirements.

Among the restrictions they passed were fewer ballot drop boxes for people who wanted to vote early. The state Republicans also passed restrictions that removed people from the early voting list. Another bill asked that those people be forced to match their signatures automatically.

In other states, Republicans have pushed fewer early voting days, which can lead to voters waiting in longer lines.