Republican says school 'made a big mistake' after she was heckled during graduation speech: report
Debbie Lesko for Congress on Facebook.

School administrators disappointed a GOP member of Congress after she was heckled for giving a political speech at a graduation ceremony.

"Arizona Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, who represents the state's 8th Congressional District, was heckled and exited the stage during a commencement speech at a high school graduation ceremony on Friday," KJZZ reports.

The ceremony was held in Glendale at the Arizona Virtual Academy.

“I thought it was very inappropriate, and I was honestly really shocked that that was even allowed. I don’t know who OK'd that,” said graduate Juliana Butler.

She said the congresswoman did not even mention the graduates.

“I have heard other commencement speakers make speeches, and they were just very motivating. Nothing to do with politics, or religion or anything. It was just about the graduates. And she seemed to not grasp that and not put that like in her speech at all,” she explained.

Her father was also critical of Lesko.

“This should have been all about the kids and their accomplishments. And, and it wasn't, and that's why parents got frustrated," Charlie Butler said. "And that's why she was only there for 10 minutes. And that's why she walked out as soon as she was done."

Attendee Ethan Parr says the academy's administration apologized for Lesko.

“I can deal with hecklers. But, I believe that the executive director of the school made a big mistake. Because I believe that he now taught all of those graduates that if you heckle somebody, you win,” said Lesko.

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