Arizona Republicans' attempt to hide 'audit' documents from the public goes down in flames

Republicans in Arizona were blocked by the state's supreme court from concealing documents about the controversial audit.

"The AZ Supreme Court won't hear [Arizona Senate President Karen Fann's] appeal of the Court of Appeals' ruling that audit documents possessed by Senate subcontractors are public records. The Senate will have to turn over communications, invoices and other audit-related records," Jeremy Duda of the Arizona Mirror reported Tuesday.

Duda noted the records would include who is getting paid, "contracts or agreements the audit team has with outside funders" and communication among subcontractors.

Jim Small, the editor in chief of the Arizona Mirror, offered his analysis on Twitter.

"To drive home what this means: The AZ Supreme Court is rejecting the claim by [Arizona Senate Republicans] and [state Senate President Karen Fann] that they are above the law," he wrote.

"The issue is so clear to the court that it doesn't even warrant a hearing, just a simple dismissing of the claim," he explained.

The watchdog group American Oversight, which had sued the Arizona state Senate for the documents, issued a statement following the ruling.

"Arizona law does not allow public servants to outsource democracy and shroud their conduct in secrecy," said Austin Evers, the group's executive director. "The Arizona Senate's legal maneuvering to conceal these records from the public matches the outrageousness of their so-called audit. That ends today. Arizonans can look forward to much-needed transparency, even if it may reveal gross attacks on democracy itself."