Sarah Huckabee Sanders on track for Trump’s ‘shortlist for VP’: NY Times reporter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on track to be Donald Trump's vice president pick in 2024 after her Tuesday victory.

"Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders won the Republican nomination for Arkansas governor on Tuesday after a campaign where she focused primarily on national issues and criticized President Joe Biden," the Associated Press reported Tuesday evening.

CNN also projected Sanders would win.

"Sanders was endorsed by her former boss, former President Donald Trump, and shattered fundraising records since entering the race last year," the AP noted. "Sanders, the daughter of former Gov. Mike Huckabee, blanketed the state with ads going after Biden on issues like inflation and vowing to fight the 'radical left.'"

With Sanders expected to win the Nov. general election, she will be a potential VP pick, according to New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman.

"Among other things, Sanders' victory is going to quickly put her on a short list for VP if Trump becomes the nominee again," Haberman posted to Twitter.

Trump has endorsed her campaign.

"Sanders left the White House in 2019 as a controversial figure on the national stage after two-and-a-half years serving as one of Trump's most trusted and unwavering defenders," CNN reported. "Sanders came under fire personally when then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report was released. It revealed that as deputy press secretary, she had provided baseless information to reporters when she claimed in May of 2017, after the President had terminated FBI Director James Comey, that 'countless' FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey. Sanders acknowledged to investigators that her comments were 'not founded on anything,' the Mueller report said.