Why some are calling Atlanta shooter’s excuse of sex addiction complete crap
Cherokee County sheriff's Capt. Jay Baker and Atlanta shooter (Photos: Screen capture and county mugshot)

Eight people were killed Tuesday night in Atlanta by a shooter claiming to have a "sex addiction" and "having a bad day." The revelations from Cherokee County sheriff's Capt. Jay Baker about the shooter are sending many people to question the excuses police are accepting.

One Atlanta resident claimed that the "sex addiction" excuse doesn't make sense, because the shooter drove past multiple strip clubs without opening fire on the dancers there. He drove specifically to an area of town with multiple Asian salons and spas.

But it was the sympathy from Capt. Baker about the shooter having a "bad day" that sent many into a fury, as most people having a bad day manage to get through it without killing eight people. Some came together to talk about alternatives to killing people while having a bad day, while others asked how many people made it through a bad time without killing anyone.

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