What did a legendary civil rights attorney do to become Trumpworld's favorite lawyer?
President Donald Trump has moved to reduce tensions between supporters of his Senior Advisor Jared Kushner (C) and chief strategist Steve Bannon (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

On Tuesday, CNN profiled David Schoen, a longtime civil rights attorney who has gradually become a go-to counsel for Trump allies.

"David Schoen has stepped forward to represent conservative firebrand Steve Bannon in his contempt of Congress case after two previous stints defending self-proclaimed 'dirty trickster' Roger Stone, and even former President Donald Trump. But Schoen insists politics is not playing into his decision," reported Jessica Schneider. "Instead, Schoen says his three-decade-long career as a civil rights attorney made it a no-brainer. 'I subscribe to the words of the great lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston,' Schoen told CNN, 'to the effect that a lawyer is either a social engineer or a parasite on society. I have wanted to try to make a change to help others who need help.'"

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"Schoen's law firm is based in Alabama, and he says he still dedicates more than half of his practice to pro bono work representing civil rights clients — anything from death penalty cases to police misconduct," said the report. "But Schoen has turned his immediate focus to fighting what he perceives as 'a very dangerous politicization of the criminal justice system.'"

Schoen rose to prominence as an attorney in Trump's second impeachment trial for incitement of the January 6 Capitol attack, where he generated controversy by arguing that the impeachment process had to be shut down because it could radicalize Trump supporters to more violence.