Man arrested for attempted murder after he attacked and spewed racism at street workers

An Indiana man is facing serious charges after he allegedly attacked street workers who asked him to slow down, WISH-TV reports.

Austin Weir, 38, has been charged with five felony counts, including attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon, battery resulting in moderate bodily injury, and two counts of pointing a firearm.

Court documents say the incident took place when a worker, who speaks Spanish as his first language, motioned for Weir to slow down, to which Weir responded by rolling down his window and saying, "Get the f— out of my way.” Weir then stopped his truck, got and exchanged more words, then retrieved a handgun.

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The worker told police that Weir chased him, pistol whipped him in the head, threw him to the ground, and pointed the gun at his chest while standing over him. The worker said he saw a magazine and bullet fall from the gun before Weir pulled the trigger while the gun was pointed at him, but the gun didn't discharge. Weir then pointed the gun at the worker's head, pulled the trigger, but again the gun failed to discharge. Weir then tried to reload the gun. He later got in his truck and drove away.

When police later caught up to Weir and placed him under arrest, he claimed he “had the gun to protect his family” and that “he was attacked today by two subjects carrying weed eaters, and he had to fight them off.”

Attempted murder charge in Westfield road