'New York AG saw something': Former federal prosecutor says new coordination in Trump Org. case is 'big move'
Donald Trump (Photo: Shutterstock)

Legal experts and politicos flocked to Twitter upon the news that the New York attorney general is joining the criminal complaint against former President Donald Trump's New York company.

In a statement from Attorney General Letitia James' spokesperson, it was revealed that the Trump Organization was informed that they're now part of a New York criminal probe along with the financial probe from the district attorney.

Former New Jersey federal prosecutor Elie Honig told CNN's Don Lemon that the NYAG saw something and that's why they're joining the DA's case.

It was clearly "something that has led them to expand and change the nature of their investigation because going back to 2019, the New York attorney general has been in the civil lane not criminal while the D.A. has been in the criminal lane," said Honig. "Now the AG has seen something that's prompted them to make a decision to say, 'now we need to cross over and join you, district attorney's office, on the criminal side. That's a big move. We don't know what it is or what it was. I want to say this about the New York's attorney general's office, I've worked with them on various cases. They don't do every kind of crime. If there's one thing they specialize in, it's complex fraud, that's what they pride themselves on. It's in their wheelhouse so it's a significant development and certainly not good news for the Trump Organization."

Trump's people are refusing to comment.

See the video and other comments from experts below:

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