WATCH: Bank calls cops on Black man after he tries to cash his paycheck

Reporter Eric Rasmussen of KSTP-TV in Minneapolis obtained police video camera footage of a "Banking while Black" incident at an area U.S. Bank branch.

Rasmussen reported that Joe Morrow stopped by the branch — where he had an account — to cash his paycheck after working a 12-hour shift at a grocery distributor.

"The manager? He came over and said, 'Joe Morrow? Your check (is) fake.' And I said, 'What?'" Morrow said. "He said, 'You people always coming in here with fake checks.'"

Morrow said he took 'you people' to refer to the fact he is Black and the network noted Morrow's check was real.

The body camera of Sgt. Justin Pletcher captured Morrow's interaction with bank manager John Askwith.

Morrow professed his innocence, "I work there, bro. And I'm going to report you too, bro. This is racial."

Sgt. Pletcher took issue with the charge of racial bias.

"Joe, I need you to calm down, first of all, OK? Don't say anything stupid because you're just going to get arrested for it," the officer instructed.

The manager then asked them to leave his office.

"The video then shows officers handcuffing Morrow after he appeared to stand up quickly from his chair," the network reported. "In the incident report, Pletcher wrote that Morrow "flexed at John (Askwith) in a threatening manner."

Samuel Myers Jr., a professor at the University of Minnesota and expert in racial disparities in banking, analyzed the video.

"This is a classic example of where things escalated beyond what they needed to escalate to," he said. "I wish I could say that this was an aberration. I wish I could say this was an outlier, but it happens a lot."

"The fact is these are experiences that Black people disproportionately encounter and the evidence is indisputable," Myers noted.

The network reports U.S. Bank "quietly agreed to a confidential settlement two weeks after 5 INVESTIGATES started asking questions about the incident."

"U.S. Bank declined multiple requests to interview Askwith or anyone else at the bank," the station noted.

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