MAGA fan accused of murdering his wife -- then fraudulently submitting her ballot for Trump: prosecutors
Barry Morphew.

A supporter of former President Donald Trump has admitted to committing voter fraud by submitting the ballot of his dead wife -- whom he is also accused of murdering.

Local news station KDVR reports that Colorado MAGA fan Barry Morphew was hit with new election fraud charges this week after prosecutors discovered that he illegally sent in his late wife's ballot to give the former president an additional vote in last year's presidential election.

When asked by investigators about submitting his wife's ballot, Morphew admitted to doing so but insisted that she should have voted for Trump were she still alive.

"I wanted Trump to win," the man admitted. "I know she was going to vote for Trump anyways."

Morphew also rationalized that Democrats were supposedly committing mass voter fraud, so he figured giving Trump an extra vote would help even out the score.

Morphew was arrested for the murder of wife Suzanne Morphew last week, roughly one year after she was last seen alive.

In addition to facing charges related to election fraud, Morphew is also being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and attempting to influence a public servant.

Watch KDVR's report on Morphew's arrest below.