Congressman reveals he bought bear spray to ward off Trump supporters

One Democratic member of Congress on Saturday revealed that he purchased bear spray to protect himself from supporters of Donald Trump.

MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson interviewed Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), the chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, about President Joe Biden's American Jobs Plan. But following the ramming of Capitol barricades that killed one policer officer and injured another, the host asked about security at the Capitol.

"Before I let you go, Congressman DeFazio, I should ask you about what happened at the Capitol, particularly because there was an ongoing conversation about what should be done to secure the Capitol Complex after the attack yesterday -- and granted the barrier that stopped the vehicle is a barrier that's been there before, so that's not a new part of security at the Capitol -- but given what happened yesterday, where do you stand in terms of what you want to see there so you feel as safe as you did there before January 6th?" Johnson asked.

"I thought the Capitol was the safest place in the world, although leading up to the 6th, I knew there was going to be an attempt to stop the vote count, for Trump to perpetuate his presidency," DeFazio said.

"In fact, I went out and bought bear spray because I can't have a gun in D.C. -- I've got a concealed carry permit in Oregon," he revealed.

"I apologize for interpreting," Johnson said. "You said you went and bought bear spray before January 6th to protect yourself in the Capitol?"

"Yeah, I knew there was going to be violence," DeFazio replied. "What a massive intelligence failure. Of course there is going to be violence. Trump started talking about it in Pittsburgh, you know, 'If they don't count those votes I'm still president because it goes to the states and I win.' This was a concerted and I believe planned and encouraged effort by the president and particularly [Roger] Stone and all those losers."

"And the fact that the Capitol was undefended and unprepared because it was a Trump mob, that's another issue that raises a lot of questions about how we react to protesters," he continued. "You know, depending on what their color or race is. So there's a whole lot of questions we questions. We need to have a thorough investigation of all the failures and find a path forward."

"I'm glad Homeland [Security] now is focused on domestic terrorism, something Trump totally ignored. White supremacy, Trump ignored and encouraged. We're getting on a better track here, there's a heck of a lot to do," DeFazio said.


Peter DeFazio