Liberal-bashing cop finds himself in hot water after supervisors learn of his on-duty TikTok rants

A police officer in Bedford, New Hampshire, is on paid administrative leave as his department investigates a series of TikTok videos where he can be seen railing against liberals while on duty.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, another officer's TikTok posts are also being investigated.

In one video, an officer with the TikTok handle "@officer_tino," rolls down the window of a police vehicle and yells, "Hey, you look like you are going to shoot those people. Could you just not, oh, he is pointing it at me. I am out," before rolling up the window and driving away. Another video shows him telling a person off camera to stop stabbing someone as comical music plays in the background.

On Monday, Ben Hahne, a private citizen, filed a formal complaint about the videos.

"This is a bad representation of the use of taxpayer money," Hahne said.

"It was upsetting and instills very little confidence in the police department," Hahne continued, adding that the videos make him "feel less safe in my own area."

Watch a TikTok user's commentary on one of the videos below: