Beloved hospital faces security crisis after far-right lies about child patients: report
Boston Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster / Boston Children's Hospital on Facebook.

Far-right culture wars and conspiracy theories have created a security threat at a beloved teaching hospital connected to Harvard Medical School.

"Boston Children’s Hospital has warned employees about mounting threats and is coordinating with law enforcement after far-right activists on social media began targeting the hospital with false claims about its treatment of young transgender people," NBC News reported. "It’s the most recent in a series of attempts to target hospitals for their work with trans youth, adding to an ongoing wave of anti-LGBTQ sentiment that has hit libraries, schools and even a trans-inclusive Los Angeles spa."

The hospital sent an email to employees providing guidance after an 'increase of threatening and aggressive' phone calls and emails.

"Boston Children’s Hospital first became the target of activists in recent weeks, when well-followed social media accounts such as LibsofTikTok, which has often promoted “groomer” discourse that falsely linked LGBTQ teachers and parents to pedophilia, began to make a variety of false claims. One allegation said that the hospital offered gender-affirming hysterectomies to children under 18 years old," NBC News reported. "Conservative influencers with millions of followers pushed similar false talking points and fanned the flames further."

In April, The Washington Post revealed the LibsofTikTok account is run by New York real estate agent Chaya Raichik.

"Last week, fact-checking organizations debunked the claims from right-wing accounts, but many of the same accounts continued to spread the false allegations this week," NBC News reported. "Nevertheless, the posts demonizing Boston Children’s Hospital quickly spread through the far-right media ecosystem, promoted by right-wing media personalities including The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh and conservative websites like The Post Millennial and The Daily Caller."

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