Ben Carson on racial equality: 'Why would anyone want to change a society that is working beautifully?'
Fox Business/screen grab

Former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson suggested on Wednesday that the United States does not need to improve racial equality because the country has been "working beautifully."

During an interview on Fox Business, Carson told host Maria Bartiromo why he opposes both mask mandates and racial equality education in schools.

"I think a lot of these people who are pushing these mandates and policies, they only look at one aspect," he explained. "And it's really problematic. We need to have a much more scientific approach to this and not an emotional and ideological approach."

"And that extends to the teaching of things like critical race theory," the former official continued. "You're telling [children] that they may be carrying some horrible disease that they may pass on to their grandmother. Even though they're not sick, it may kill their grandmother. And then when their grandmother dies, you know, they're having these guilt feelings. And then if they're white, they're being told that you are an oppressor and all of your people are oppressors."

Bartiromo alleged that white children are being taught "they are a racist systemically" in schools.

"What is going on here, Dr. Carson?" she wondered.

"This is coming from people who want to fundamentally change our nation," Carson asserted. "And in order to change a society, you have to first create discomfort in that society and a desire to change."

"Why would anyone want to change from a society that is working beautifully, that is fair, that is giving people opportunities?" he added. "It starts early on with indoctrination."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.