Ben Carson rips media at CPAC for 'telling us what we can say'
Ben Carson speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Former Trump administration Secretary of Housing Ben Carson hit the podium at CPAC Friday to blast the "media and big tech telling us what we can say."

Carson bragged he had no problem speaking off the cuff because he's "not politically correct," and apparently doesn't have to measure his words.

He repeatedly indicated that both the Founding Fathers and God are on the side of the far right. Let's not "run away from our judeo-Christian roots," Carson urged.

He warned that America is "closer now than ever before" to being at risk of "losing our republic. We must be extraordinarily vigilant now. We are together in this ... we have to understand why they are working so hard to destroy what we have," he added, apparently referring to progressives

"Love your neighbor, rather than cancel your neighbor," he added.