Benjamin Netanyahu duped into promoting a deep-fake video of Biden

Former far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was duped by a deep-fake video of President Joe Biden appearing to fall asleep.

During a Facebook live session, Netanyahu mocked it by doing his own imitation of him falling asleep. It's a rare move by someone who just months ago was the prime minister and is trying to regain power, Axios noted. They explained that a Likud Party member posted an edited video of Biden meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett making it seem like Biden fell asleep.

The false story went viral in Israel, the report said, particularly among supporters of the former prime minister. Twitter designated the tweet "manipulated content." Still, Netanyahu continued to promote the lie, appearing Sunday saying, "I heard Biden was very attentive to what Bennett had to say… He dropped his head in agreement."

After Netanyahu was called out for the lie, he blamed the media for showing "a manipulative picture" and swore he never said anything about Biden. It's unclear if he was saying that his Facebook Live video was manipulated or if the Biden video was.

"Former Prime Minister Netanyahu knows and cherishes president Biden as a friend of Israel for 40 years. His criticism was directed only at Naftali Bennett who spoke at length about nothing during his visit to the White House,'' the Likud Party said in a statement, according to Axios.

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