CNN host grills GOP lawmaker over her refusal to compromise on gun control: 'Is there anything you would accept?'
Alisyn Camerota (CNN)

During a segment on CNN this Wednesday, host Alisyn Camerota asked Texas GOP Rep. Beth Van Duyne if she'd be willing to support any of the gun control proposals put forward by Democrats, especially in the wake of the last school shooting in her state which left 19 students and two teachers dead.

According to Duyne, "over and over again, these laws haven't worked."

"We've got protocols in place and what failed us [in Uvalde] was a lack of following the protocols, and what we have seen is best practices that were ignored," she said, adding that the best response would have been to have an armed security guard inside the school to confront the shooter.

"In our quest to find solutions, I think what we're failing to do is blame the shooter," Duyne continued. "And we have done that over and over again, especially in our large cities and a lack of prosecutors actually going up against and actually filing charges against violent offenders and criminals."

Camerota then interjected, telling Duyne that "the most common factor" in school shootings is "the gun."

"And so, is there anything you would accept in terms of access to gun?" Camerota asked.

Duyne replied that "there's more to that one common denominator," one example being "evil people committing crimes."

"I would say that gun in many situations is used to save lives to prevent more damage."

Camerota interjected again, saying that Duyne's logic hasn't worked "in terms of school shootings."

"There are school resource officers -- there have been at very high profile school shootings," Camerota said, later adding, "They can't protect every single entrance and exit. They just can't."

Watch the full exchange below:

CNN host hammers Republican congresswoman on Texas gun availability

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