Beyond Beef chief arrested after he bites man's nose
Woman gives her hamburger a concerned look. (Shutterstock)

Beyond Meat is known for its vegan burgers and crumbles aimed at making access to a meat flavor more accessible to those who avoid animal flesh.

But after an Arkansas football game, the chief operating officer of Beyond Meat took a bite out of the nose of another game attendee, TMZ reported.

Doug Ramsey, watched Arkansas beat Missouri in a home game and was driving out of the parking lot like most of the other members of the crowd. The driver of a Subaru made its way toward Ramsey's Bronco and connected with the front passenger tire.

Ramsey has been arrested for assault after jumping out of the car and punching through the back windshield of the Subaru. The owner of the Subaru got out of the car and punched back. That's when Ramsey "bit the owner's nose, ripping the flesh off the tip of the nose." Ramsey also reportedly threatened to kill the Subaru owner.

The Beyond Meat COO was charged with battery and making terroristic threats.

TMZ joked that the nose tasted like chicken. It's an adage that dates back decades. MythBusters even did a segment where they tested the identification rate among meats and whether they resemble chicken. The Food Network show Food Detectives also did their own test where they found that almost all meat from animals without hooves tasted similar, said TV Tropes.

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