WATCH: Biden calls on longtime ally Andrew Cuomo to resign after bombshell sex harassment probe
Gov Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) (Photo: Screen capture)

Answering questions from CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins at a press conference Tuesday, President Joe Biden agreed that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign.

Biden, who helped pass the Violence Against Women Act, said earlier this year that he would wait until the attorney general's investigation had concluded before making a comment. After New York AG Letitia James (D-NY) revealed her findings, Biden agreed that Cuomo should step down.

Speaking to the press Tuesday, James explained that investigators concluded that Cuomo "violated federal and state law."

The 165-page report includes 179 witness interviews and tens of thousands of documents that include evidence of intimidation and a hostile work environment for many staffers, reported CBS News.

See the question to Biden in the video below: