Frustrated GOP going after Biden's health because all of their other attacks have flopped: columnist

Writing in the Daily Beast this Monday, Michael Tomasky contends that even though the American right-wing has one of history's most powerful, ruthless, and effective attack machines, they "can't lay a glove on Biden."

"He's patriotic in the same straightforward and uncomplicated way many conservatives are," Tomasky writes. "He reveres the military. He's religious. He goes to Mass nearly every weekend, and sometimes during the week. And he's just a nice man. You could picture him at the grill on the Fourth of July firing up the weenies while the grandkids light their sparklers."

Claims that Biden wanted to "defund" the police or that he was a "socialist," or that his family was corrupt never stuck -- and that leaves the right with one thing: his age, Tomasky writes. Rudy Guiliani tried to push the "dementia" line during the campaign but that didn't stick either, especially with "hair dye running down the side of his face as he screamed lies about voter fraud that never happened."

"But it's all they got. So it's a running meme on Hannity and other Fox News shows that Biden is ready for the glue factory," writes Tomasky. "So when Biden trips as he did the other day while boarding Air Force One, it's proof that he's about to fall apart. It's just like what they did to Hillary when she fainted at that 9-11 service. Geez, how come Democrats keep nominating mentally deteriorating people who are most likely at death's door?"

Ultimately, Americans like Joe Biden -- a lot more than they liked Donald Trump, and when it comes to Biden's upcoming press conference this Thursday, Tomasky isn't too worried. "If Biden somehow manages to serve two terms, the electorate in 2028 will be younger, Blacker, browner, and presumably somewhat more secular than today's. The right will follow the usual playbook, but that doesn't mean it will work."

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