Biden tries to goad Trump into campaigning for Glenn Youngkin during Virginia campaign rally
Joe Biden (AFP)

President Joe Biden on Tuesday all but dared former President Donald Trump to campaign for Virginia GOP gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin.

During a campaign rally for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, Biden brought up the fact that Youngkin had previously heaped praise on Trump and now seems to want nothing to do with him.

"Terry's opponent has made all of his private pledges of loyalty to Donald Trump," Biden said. "And what's really interesting to me: He won't stand next to Donald Trump now that the campaign's on! Think about it! He won't allow Donald Trump to campaign for him in this state."

Biden, who defeated Trump by 10 points in Virginia last year, then took the opportunity to needle Trump's ego even further.

"He's willing to pledge his loyalty to Trump in private, why not in public?" he said. "What's he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump being here? Is he embarrassed?"

Watch the video below.