Putin will be 'watching reactions' from GOP to Biden's speech to see if US is 'unified': CNN's Jamie Gangel
Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin (AFP)

On Tuesday, ahead of President Joe Biden's first State of the Union Address, CNN's Jamie Gangel outlined what Vladimir Putin may be looking for in the speech.

"According to a source familiar with the speech, it will be about a third Ukraine and then about two-thirds domestic," said Gangel. "I'm told Biden's message will be directed toward obviously several audiences — the Congress, the American people, our allies. But perhaps most important, he is sending a message to one man, Vladimir Putin. According to a senior intelligence official, Biden is really facing the question, how far Putin goes. And the source said, quote, the grim period is about to start."

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"In response, my source believes the president's language has to be steadfast but calibrated and signal strength, but not trigger Putin," continued Gangel. "The source said there is a real psychological danger here with Putin. And the source believes Putin needs to hear the speech, hear the message from Biden, and that the U.S. allies are backing Ukraine and that the Ukrainians are not going to give that up. And take that into account as he makes his next moves. I'm also told, Jake, that Putin, he said, a spokesman said he doesn't usually watch these things, but I'm told it is likely he will be watching the reaction from Republicans in the room, members of Congress, to see if the United States is unified."

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