Companies announce plans to scale back planned layoffs immediately after Dems' stimulus bill passes
Former Vice President Joe Biden (Facebook)

The massive $1.9 trillion stimulus package set to be signed by President Joe Biden on Thursday is already providing some relief for American workers.

The Washington Post reports that two major airlines, American and United, have scrapped plans to lay off more tens of thousands of workers thanks to the $15 billion in aid targeted toward the airlines industry.

And the major airlines aren't the only transportation entities that will now be able to avoid laying off workers, as both Amtrak and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York said the bill would prevent thousands of workers from being laid off and also prevent previously planned service cuts.

In addition to funding for transportation, the relief package also includes a $28.6 billion restaurant revitalization fund that is aimed at helping bars and restaurants stay in business while they're struggling to operate under COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.