Biden rips Trump’s notorious ‘infrastructure weeks’ during SOTU address -- without saying his name

President Joe Biden did not need to mention former President Donald Trump's name to draw serious contrast with his predecessor by touting the success of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework during his first State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

In 2019, The New York Times reported "How ‘Infrastructure Week’ Became a Long-Running Joke."

"At this point in the Trump presidency, “Infrastructure Week” is less a date on the calendar than it is a “Groundhog Day”-style fever dream doomed to be repeated," the newspaper reported. "Roughly two years after the White House first came up with the idea of discussing, for all of seven days, the pursuit of a bipartisan agreement to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and broadband networks, President Trump more or less torpedoed those plans on Wednesday in a Rose Garden speech. In the process, he gave Democrats a helpful sound bite when he said he would not pursue a legislative agenda while under investigation by House committees."

Biden alluded to Trump's failures during his speech to a joint-session of Congress.

"We’re done talking about infrastructure weeks. We’re now talking about an infrastructure decade," Biden said.