Maddow points to 'groundbreaking' report pleading with Biden 'tyrant proof the presidency' from another Trump
MSNBC Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

Tuesday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow lectured Attorney General Merrick Garland for what she believed was a mistake defending Donald Trump in a private court battle. A key piece of her argument was that the Department of Justice faces many things that must be reworked to ensure no president can do what Donald Trump did ever again.

Wednesday, she cited what she called a groundbreaking report from theBoston Globe that is a six-part series walking through all of the things that President Joe Biden and the executive and legislative branches must do to protect the country from another Donald Trump.

She began with the comments made by former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who confirmed the attempts by Donald Trump to obstruct justice. They were all crimes that former special counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress, Trump could be prosecuted for once leaving office. Maddow explained that the Judiciary Committee could make a referral to the Justice Department to prosecute Trump based on the testimony McGahn gave.

"That, among other things, would require a response from the Justice Department as to what they were doing about that criminal referral," Maddow continued. "We know from ongoing current court battles that under the former attorney general, under the Trump administration, the Justice Department never actually substantively considered the evidence against Trump and whether he should be charged. The Justice Department never looked at it. Now there's no reason why they couldn't look at it now. He is only a former president now. He is not protected by any Justice Department policy that would grant him immunity. Again, any takers? Is this all just going to slide?"

She closed the segment by citing the Globe's series, which isn't behind a pay-wall and is available for anyone to read. "It's a six-part series of recommendations for basically how to tyrant proof the presidency in the wake of Trump."

She explained that the thought from the Globe is if Trump or someone else comes along again and has the same kind of corrupt mindset, the presidency must be protected.

Read the full piece at The Boston Globe.

See the segment in the video below:

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