'Self-imposed straitjacket': MSNBC panel discusses Biden's 'losing strategy' in Ukraine
Official White House photo by Erin Scott.

President Joe Biden's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine was criticized on Saturday as a "losing strategy" by Barack Obama's former ambassador to Russia.

MSNBC's Katy Tur interviewed Ambassador Michael McFaul and New York Times correspondent Helene Cooper on the 95th day of the war.

"I want to talk about something the president said about long-range missiles and not wanting to arm them with missiles that can reach Russia. Can you sort that out for me?" Tur asked Cooper.

"It's this tortuous thing that the Biden administration has consistently wrapped itself in since the start of the war, this idea of the defense and offensive weaponry," she explained. "So this is kind of one of those self-imposed straitjackets the administration puts itself in."

Tur noted a tweet from McFaul where he said, "Some of us want to increase arms to Ukraine as a means to hasten a diplomatic solution. Not arming Ukraine prolongs the war."

McFaul suggested arming Ukraine but signing an agreement with Ukraine stating that the weapons will not be used inside Russia.

Tur said McFaul sounds frustrated with Biden's response to the invasion.

"I just think it's a losing strategy," McFaul said.

"There will only be an end to this war in three different scenarios," he explained. "One, Putin conquers all of Ukraine. Two, Ukraine pushes Russia out of Ukraine or three, there's a stalemate on the battlefield. To me, option two and option three are the ones that we should be supporting and the way you do that is to give the Ukrainians [what] they need to achieve one of those two outcomes."

Following the segment, McFaul took to Twitter to declare Biden's decision on the rocket systems "a mistake."

"You cannot go down in history as the U.S. president who allowed Putin to annex more Ukrainian territory. Please reconsider," he wrote.


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