Biden to announce US diplomats will boycott China Olympics: CNN
Joe Biden (AFP)

CNN announced Sunday evening that the United States wouldn't send any diplomats or lawmakers to Beijing for the 2022 Olympics.

According to the report, President Joe Biden intends to make the announcement this week that they won't stop athletes from participating but that human rights abuses in China have left him unwilling to send any leaders.

China has been under scrutiny about the country's treatment of an ethnic group known as the Uyghurs. The Chinese government has been accused of rounding up the Uyghurs and killing them.

There's also the matter of abuses of protesters angry that China took over Hong Kong earlier than scheduled.

Another concern is for a Chinese tennis player who publicly said that the former vice premier forced her into an affair. She was then called back to China and disappeared from public view until questions surfaced about whether the government had imprisoned her or worse. She ultimately reappeared in a meeting with the International Olympic Committee that the Chinese government photographed and published to dispel myths she had been disappeared.

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