Ex-White House counsel lays out the two biggest pieces of evidence that should convict Trump
Photo via Saul Loeb/AFP

On CNN Wednesday, former White House counsel and House impeachment attorney Norm Eisen laid out the key evidence that will inform the Senate impeachment trial of outgoing President Donald Trump.

"The best witness to the president's betrayal of trust against the people of the United States is Donald Trump himself," said Eisen. "The two most important pieces of evidence that we have are his speech to the insurrectionists when he incited them, he used language of 'we have to fight' and 'if you don't fight your country will be taken away from you.' Let's march down Pennsylvania Avenue. We saw the results ... the other most important piece of evidence is the tape, the audiotape of his shocking conversation with Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state of Georgia. Can you find 11,000-plus votes, 11,780 votes, one more than necessary to flip Georgia for me?"

"That's important because that insurrection speech that we saw on January 6th wasn't a one-time episode," said Eisen. "The president had been stoking the flames, building up the anger in his followers. He lied to them. He deceived them. But you can understand, they heard that their democracy was being stolen. For months, even before the election had started. If I lose, the election is rigged. So those two pieces of evidence will be the most important."

"Having been there for the trial of one of these cases on the floor of the Senate as counsel to House managers, I do not think this is a complicated or a hard case," said Eisen. "Of course, it's a high crime and misdemeanor for a president to incite insurrection against his own government ... what's not clear [is] will the members of the Senate have the courage to do the right thing? They know. I talked to them behind the scenes during the last trial. They know Donald Trump is not fit to run again for president or to spend another minute as president. They'll be confronted with the question of disqualification. And all it takes once he's convicted by 67 votes, just 51 to disqualify him. If ever a president should be disqualified from running again, it's Donald Trump."

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