Experts bash Bill Barr for a 'nesting-doll of lies' — and wonder what else was in his 'culture of dishonesty at DOJ

In a discussion about former Attorney General Bill Barr and revelations that he lied in court, MSNBC experts discussed with host Nicolle Wallace how a former attorney general is held accountable. At the same time, the group wondered if Barr worked so hard to cover this up, what else there is that he lied about and tried to cover up for former President Donald Trump.

"We've gotten used to talking about the politicization and the corruption of the Justice Department under Bill Barr," said former DOJ spokesperson Matt Miller. What I think we're seeing more and more is just the outright dishonesty. In this case you have a nesting doll of lies where you have the underlying fact where he misled the country about what was in the Mueller report. You have the Justice Department lying to the court about the purpose of the memo and lying to the court about the contents of the memo and what you find is that there is a culture of dishonesty that permeated the department and the tangled web you weave and the department told an initial lie in Bill Barr's letter in Bill Barr's press conference in 2018 and had spent the last two years trying to cover it up."

Miller went on to say that it's clear the department has worked for years trying to keep the facts from coming out about Barr's behavior and that of the DOJ officials who colluded with him.

"You have to believe that that is going to be the same in all these other cases, the firing of the U.S. Attorney and the Southern District of New York and you can go down the list of other justice department scandals. the one thing that I think we'll find that holds true in all of them is you have the attorney general and other top officials around him lying to the public over and over again."

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