Bill Barr ripped by legal expert for continuing to 'lie' about Robert Mueller findings on Trump
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left, via AFP/Saul Loeb) and AG nominee William Barr (right, via screengrab).

Among many of the things that NBC News' Lester Holt discussed with former Attorney General Bill Barr was special counsel Robert Mueller's findings in his investigation. When Barr released his four-page summary of the Mueller finding, he explained that he was giving his own kind of judicial verdict that Trump was either "guilty" or "not guilty." The problem, as some pointed out, is that wasn't what Mueller said, nor was it what Mueller's aim was in the probe.

As a former prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig explained, Barr outright lied. First, Barr's facts don't sync with the timeline on the Mueller findings and his so-called "summary."

Honig also pointed out that many of the findings that showed how dangerous Trump was to national security were ignored in Barr's version of the report. At the time, Mueller revealed that he was furious about Barr's attempt to rewrite the findings from the probe.

The way that Barr explained away his "summary" by saying that it wasn't really a summary still doesn't excuse that he lied in the four pages, said Honig.

"Here's a question that needs to be asked," Honig said at one point. "Mr. Barr, why did you lie to Congress and the American public about the threat of massive election fraud, BEFORE the election?"

The lies were something that fellow ex-prosecutor Joyce White Vance agreed really struck her from the interview.

See some of his takes below: