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With an air of superiority, former Attorney General Bill Barr explained in an NBC News interview that he was never told to do things by former President Donald Trump. The questions came as a part of the interview with Barr as he travels the country promoting his tell-all book.

While many of the things Barr did made Trump feel like Barr was on his side, Barr explained that he simply did what he did because he happened to believe as Trump did. The perception that Trump was controlling him was entirely manufactured by the media, he explained.

When asked about Roger Stone's sentencing where Barr intervened, Barr swore that Trump never contacted him demanding that it be changed from what the DOJ prosecutors asked. As Barr told the story and explained that he simply thought that the recommendation was "excessive," a tweet from Trump appeared on the screen declaring Stone's sentence excessive.

After Barr demanded that a judge drop the charges against Michael Flynn, Lester Holt explained that Trump was publicly "pleased." The reality, according to Barr is that he believed Flynn shouldn't be prosecuted for any of his actions.

Barr explained that according to his philosophy, power of the presidency had been eroded because of former President Richard Nixon. He was to reestablish the power of the executive branch over the other three branches while serving under the George H.W. Bush administration.

Barr previously said that he didn't see Trump's tweets directing his behavior. In the interview, however, Barr confessed he did see Trump's tweets and as former prosecutor Elie Honig explained that the text messages confirm that Barr saw them and lied to Americans at the time.

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Barr believes in Trump's philosophy