'Crime of the Century!' Trump lashes out at Bill Barr over 2020 election in furious late-night rant
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Former President Donald Trump dropped a late-night rant on Sunday in which he attacked his own former attorney general for refusing to help him steal the 2020 presidential election.

"RINO former Attorney General Bill Barr failed to investigate election fraud, and really let down the American people," Trump fumed, and then ran down a litany of false and repeatedly debunked claims about election fraud in various swing states.

Trump concluded his rant by attacking Barr for his entire tenure as attorney general, despite the fact that Barr for years was a staunch loyalist to the former president.

"Bill Barr was a disappointment in every sense of the word," Trump wrote. "Besides which, Barr, who was Attorney General (lawyer) shouldn't be speaking about the President... Bill Barr's weakness helped facilitate the cover up of the Crime of the Century, the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election!"

Read the full statement below.