New book details Trump’s bizarre rant about Bill Barr’s jowls getting saggy
Bill Barr (Screen Grab)

Bill Barr's new book contains rambling details of the way he structured meetings and the ways in which President Donald Trump would receive people in the private dining room where he "spent a lot of his executive time." Nestled among the prose were vignettes of his encounters with the president.

Barr explained that it was always easy to get time with Trump because he was probably in the dining room watching Fox, which he did so "religiously." Impromptu meetings even seemed to happen there, with Fox blaring in the background and Trump signing autographed photos.

In one vignette, Barr recalled Trump's calls, mostly at night, where he would ramble on and on with "only a small fraction of which related to the department."

He wrote that Trump "watched Fox News religiously and would sometimes call to make sure I saw a particular segment."

"The President was always prompt in giving me immediate visual feedback when I appeared on TV," said Barr noting one "amusing conversation" about his weight after he made a self-deprecating remark about his "jowliness" on television.

"No, Bill,” Trump said. "You’re fine, you’re fine. Yeah, you’re big. But you carry it well. Whatever you do, don’t lose too much weight. Because then your face is going to sag. You’re lucky because your face, I mean your cheeks—they’re filled out. They look smooth and young. But I guarantee you, if you lose a lot of weight, you’ll look old and saggy."

Trump has long focused on the way things look visually because he views them through the lens of television.

Barr's book is on sale now and Raw Story has the coverage here.