'Clinton gave him credibility': Accuser puts former president on Jeffrey Epstein's infamous 'Lolita Express'
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks during the plenary session titled "Cities as Labs of Innovations" at the Clinton Global Initiative 2014 (CGI) in New York, September 23, 2014. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Today Juliette Bryant is a business owner and mother in South Africa. In September 2002, when she was a 20-year-old aspiring model she crossed paths with Jeffrey Epstein and her life changed forever.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Bryant says that she was lured into Epstein's web by a woman who claimed the financier could jump-start her modeling career. The woman invited Bryant to join Epstein, former President Bill Clinton and actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker for dinner at a Cape Town restaurant.

“I was a silly young 20-year-old and thought it sounded like such an amazing opportunity considering the people he was here with,” Bryant told The Daily Beast, in her first in-depth media interview about surviving Epstein’s sex ring. She also spoke to BBC Two for its new series about Epstein’s former girlfriend and now-convicted accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. The show, House of Maxwell, premiered on Monday.

“That’s what gave Epstein credibility,” Bryant added. “The fact that he was with Clinton.” According to Bryant, when she arrived at the restaurant, Clinton stood up to shake her hand and didn’t let go, even when he began speaking to someone else. “He just kept holding onto my hand,” Bryant told us. “It was like a dream. It was so bizarre.”

She would also see the famous Democrat again the next day, after Hill invited her to join their entourage and show Epstein her modeling portfolio.

Bryant crossed paths with Clinton and Epstein as they toured Africa on a high-profile humanitarian trip, during which the former president, his Secret Service team, and others flew aboard Epstein’s private jet dubbed the “Lolita Express.” Clinton has not spoken publicly about this journey or his multiple other flights with Epstein aside from a 2019 statement which claimed he knew “nothing” about the late sex offender’s “terrible crimes.”

Bryant says that just moments after she set foot on American soil, she was whisked off to the money manager’s home in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he raped her repeatedly over two weeks before taking her to Palm Beach to continue to the assaults. The sexual abuse would continue at Epstein’s homes around the globe until 2004.

“I was completely conned,” Bryant said. “I wouldn’t go with some random man to the Caribbean. He seemed legitimate. Clinton gave him credibility.”

Bryant says she is coming forward to stand up for victims of trafficking worldwide, and to contribute her own pieces to the jigsaw that is Epstein’s mysterious network. Lately she wonders why Epstein’s prominent friends like Clinton aren’t under further scrutiny, or why his assistants like Sarah Kellen, who allegedly sent her to Epstein’s room to be abused, aren’t facing criminal charges.