Fox News host walks out of restaurant after he's asked for photo ID with his vaccine card
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Bill Hemmer revealed on Monday that he had walked out of a restaurant because he was asked to present a picture ID with his vaccine card.

Hemmer made the admission during a report on New York City's vaccine rules for restaurants.

"I popped into a restaurant three weeks ago," he explained. "I said, I don't have my vaccination card but I do have an app so I downloaded that and I showed it to them. And they said, 'Sir, can we see something with your name on it?'"

"I said, 'Here's my Amex, here's my Visa,'" the Fox News host recalled. "And they said, 'Sir, can we see a card with your picture on it?'"

"Did you show your Fox News badge?" co-host Dana Perino asked.

"I turned around and walked out!" Hemmer exclaimed. "You guys can have it. Good luck. The joint was empty."

It's not clear why Hemmer did not offer to show the restaurant staff his driver's license.

Watch the video below from Fox News.