Bill Maher can't stop laughing while describing the Madison Cawthorn video on HBO's Real Time

The host of HBO's "Real Time" struggled to get out a joke while discussing first-term GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina.

Comedian Bill Maher said Cawthorn describes himself as a "Christian conservative" but said he, "keeps getting caught doing things that don't seem exactly Christian conservative."

"This week there's a new video out of him naked, straddling another man's face, and thrusting his pelvis into it," Maher said.

The host then lost composure trying to get out his next joke and gently slapped himself across the face with his left hand.

Maher finally got out the joke which imagined the politically-natured theme of the video's title on Porn Hub.

The comedian noted the congressman's defense was that he was just trying to be funny and noted two other times when he had used the same defense.

"I've got to say, comedically this guy really commits to the bit, you know what I'm saying? He commits!" Maher said. "I'm not saying he is gay at all, I'm just saying, in Florida they're not allowed to discuss him in school now."